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The GAME Method

I don’t like to keep secrets.  And so I’ll be telling you in this blog exactly what I tell people who I am helping.

The GAME Method is a simple series of steps to use to achieve anything.  Whenever I am trying to achieve something, I follow this method.  And you can too (EASILY).

The GAME Method splits your success into four tasks, and if each is followed fully it will lead to a high rate of success!  So, no more delay….

G – Goal Setting

A – Accountability

M – Method

E – Evaluation


Whenever you want to achieve something, write it down.  I promise, a goal written down becomes so much stronger.  And when you write it, write it SMART.  SMART targets are nothing new, but for those who are not sure, a smart target is

  • Specific
    • Don’t make the gaol too broad.  ‘More Sales’ or ‘Lose Weight’ is not a specific target.  Put a number on them!
  • Measurable
    • How will you know if you have reached your target?  Make sure your target has a simple method for measuring its success.
  • Attainable
    • Don’t go crazy and shoot too high.  Make your goal something you can realistically achieve in the timeframe you have.
  • Relevant 
    • Don’t just set any old target, make it something that is actually important and relevant to your life or your values.  This way you’ll be more inclined to make it happen.
  • Time Limited
    • Open-ended goals will remain open.  You may never reach them but always say ‘I will one day’.  Put a date on your goal, and hold yourself to that date.

Some people change the above, ‘A’ becomes ‘Actionable’, ensuring that your target is one that you can actually set actions to achieve.  This is important, but I’ll be covering it later in The GAME Method.


This is, for me, a HUGE part of being successful.  The biggest mistake you can make is to be only accountable to yourself.

Tell someone about your gaol.  Tell them when your deadline is.  Then tell them if you made it (or get them to check up on you).

Your ‘Accountability Partner’ can be anyone…. A friend, a family member, a coach, an accountability group?  Find someone who will partner with you.  Maybe be their partner too?  Coaches are great for this as they help you set the goal, then keep you accountable for it.


As mentioned earlier, a target MUST be actionable, therefore set yourself a method!  Your method is your tick sheet of small actions to reach your goal.  Include everything in your method that you can think of, effectively splitting your target into mini tasks.

In science, a method will include what you do, and how you do it, and what equipment you might use.  Do this here as well.  Write a little detail about how you are going to reach your goal to achieve your success.


You may have been successful and achieved your goal.  You may not.  Either way YOU WILL FIND SOMETHING TO LEARN!  

If you were successful, what did you do and how did you do it?  Were there any specific things you did that you can make sure you do in future similar goals?

If you were not successful, why not?  What step in the method did you fall behind or stop?  This is another great reason to have a method written down, you can find the good and the bad far easier!

Use these lessons from your success and your failures to guide you and help you in the future.  Again, write them down so they become a permanent help to you.


Successful people will set a goal, either achieve or miss it, but either way they will SET ANOTHER ONE.  They will go again.  So, I say to you:


Set out another target sheet that includes Goal, Accountability, Method and Evaluation, and do it.

The GAME Method is very practicable, very repeatable, and will lead you to be very successful if you follow it over and over again.

So, go and get successful!  Set yourself some goals, get accountable, get method writing, and get evaluation…..  go and PLAY THE GAME.