The Four A’s Of Mindset Transformation

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The Four A’s To Success Mindset Transformation

Successful people have a ‘Success Mindset’.  The have and use thought processes that bring them success. We are not born with a success mindset.  We are not inherently given one.  But we can practice!  We can learn success and learn to use a success mindset.

If you are looking to transform your mindset to one of success, then this is a great start.  ‘The Four A’s To Success Mindset Transformation’ is the system I use to overcome both my own and the mental blocks of the people I coach.  So, let’s get straight to it!


Everything starts with awareness.  You’d be shocked at how many people I meet who I can see instantly what is stopping them but they have no idea.  We all have mental blocks, or limiting beliefs, or limiting values, whatever you want to call them!

The starting point it to recognise when you have failed to achieve something, and deeply look at what your were thinking of feeling at the critical point of failure.  What stopped me?  By simply being able to say ‘I failed because…….’ Is a great first step to mindset transformation.

The big key here is not to blame.  Don’t blame yourself, but also hugely important is to not blame other people.  If you have a goal, a target, then you can make it happen.  If it doesn’t happen, don’t blame yourself or blame someone else, simply say to yourself ‘What was I thinking when it went wrong’ or ‘What happened when it stopped progressing’.  Then try to fix that issue for next time.


The next step is to analyse the problem.  This is the step I spend LEAST tie on as it can lead to negativity.  I have read that if you spend 95% of time on a problem, the solution will appear.  I DON’T BELIEVE THAT.  If you spend too much time on the problem and analysis it takes over.

Having said that, you do need to at least analyse it a little!  Spend a little tie thinking why did that emotion happen?  Where did that thought process come from?  Have I always gone into that thought process during similar situations?  What did I feel when I was thinking it?  Have the teachings of my past and my upbringing made that mindset normal for me?

Once you have got an idea of where that mindset came from, you are ready to move this transformation forward!


THE BIG ONE!  So, you’ve recognised an issue (Awareness), and you have understood a little about what it was and where it came from (Analysis).  Now it is time to TAKE ACTION.

What will stop you thinking the same next time?  What will make a difference to the next time you are in a similar situation?

There are two types of action to take.  The first are everyday actions.  Challenge yourself to complete smaller versions of similar tasks and get though them.  If your block was about getting your point across in a conversation, then find someone to talk to about anything and practice.  Ask someone for help and practice with them.  If you stopped something due to confidence, then break the task into small similar tasks and get doing them, learning to be confident on the smaller ones until the bigger one comes along again.

You may decide to read a book on an issue you are having.  There are books on all sorts of limiting believes like confidence, self-esteem, conversations, planning, money mindset, anything.  You could seek help from an expert in that field.

The second type of action are the actions you take leading up to a similar event in the future.  Plan to recognise that the stopping moment is coming, and plan some things you can either do or say to yourself to get you into a positive and success driven mindset at that moment.  These things should be decided in advance, then put into practice at the right moment.  These are harder as it takes practice to recognise the signs that something is coming, but eventually you will use these actions and find them natural, and you will reap the benefits!  Then…..


I bang on and on and on about it.  It is absolutely THE MOST IMPORTANT THING when it comes to success.  Don’t go it alone!  If you plan on changing yourself with yourself then you will find it so much harder, and many people never improve!

Find someone (family, friend, a coach) and TELL THEM YOUR BLOCK.  Tell them about the three A’s above.  Tell them what you are AWARE of, what your ANALYSIS is, and what ACTION you are going to take, and ask them to check up on you and how you are doing with it.  Ask them to help you come up with actions for it (again, this is where a coach is perfect).

Be accountable for your changes.  Be accountable for your transformation.

So sum up….

AWERENESS – Recognise when a limiting belief happens and what it was.

ANALYSIS – How did you feel?  Why do you have that belief?  Where did it come from?  Does it happen every time?

ACTION – What are you going to do about it?  Are there books, courses or coaches that can help?  Are there small versions of the same task so you can practice getting through the belief in a smaller setting?

ACCOUNTABILITY – Get accountable.  Tell someone about your three A’s above and get them to be the fourth.  Use a coach or mentor, or a family member or friend, and get them to help you and to keep you accountable to your success.