About Alex

Alex McNeice is a Keynote speaker, musician, teacher, and life enthusiast from Folkestone, UK. His passion has always been to get people doing things they never thought they could.

Whether teaching in schools, leading choirs, directing musicals, or speaking to audiences, his message is the same. We all have power and success in us, and if we adopt the right strategies and mindsets then anything is possible.

A little background:
Alex always wanted to excel in everything he did. Sports teams, music groups, theatre groups, education, everything. But just wanting to wasn't, and isn't enough. Alex knew he had to learn strategies and techniques to achieve. He's always been 'different'. He's always seen as 'different'. And he loves that! He has a degree and masters degree in Physics, a degree in Music, has set up community organisations and charities running projects in music and spot in the community, qualified as a teacher and taught a number of subjects, including being the head of Drama.

He has a few core beliefs that run through everything he does:
1 - Be yourself. No-one is as good at being you as you, and the world needs you as you are!
2 - Enjoy life. There is no point if you do not. Find things to love, and love them unconditionally.
3 - Work on your mindset. Create thinking patterns that when repeated get you to the results you want.
4 - Strategise. Put goals, plans, and methods in place, and evaluate them regularly.

Alex now speaks on a variety of topics, ranging from how to succeed, to how to truly know yourself, and from how to transform your mindset, to the power of music to bring joy and a further myriad of benefits to your life.

Through his teaching, choir and music directing, and his speaking, Alex is spreading his message far and wide, and wants to simply spread it the world over..... AND WHY NOT!

So, join the revolution, get you mind ready for success, get yourself motivated, be so unbelievably you it is crazy to believe yo could have ever been anything else, and GO GO GO.

Make it happen.