About Alex

Alex McNeice is a musician, speaker, and presenter based in Folkestone in the South-East of the England, UK.

He is passionate about music in all it's forms, and believes being involved in music in any way will bring amazing things to you!

Stating in church and school choirs from a very young age, Alex then started playing Saxophone in his teens.  He performed in musicals, orchestras, choirs, and concerts as much as he could during his school days.

He was at University (whilst studying Physics!) that music really took over.  Alex was a member of Jazzmanix Jazz and Gospel Choir with whom he toured Holland and Switzerland, The Southampton University Symphony Orchestra with whom he toured Barcelona (as a percussionist!), and Showstoppers Musical Theatre Society, with whom he performed in far too many shows to mention.  It was then, after many attempts of piano lessons as a teen, that he taught himself the piano and began performing as a solo artist as well and in groups.

Three years as an accountant and science teacher followed until he realised Music should be his life, so off to uni he went again to study Music at Canterbury Christchurch University in Kent.  Whilst doing so he established The Mission Gospel Choir, which he directed for 8 years and grew from nothing to over 80 members.

He was inspired by one specific course, Music In The Community.  Following this course he set up a community organisation (with his long time friend and fellow music man Duncan Moris) working in schools delivering music sessions.  This grew to a series of community projects and choirs.  This organisation has grown to be the charity MASC (Music and Arts for the Shepway Community) with whom he directs or co-directs Shepway Voices, Shepway Youth Voices, Shepway Primary Singers, and runs various other community projects.

Musical Theatre is still a very important part of Alex's life, and his performance world is mostly in the musical theatre world.  He is regularly singing songs from shows, screen, and animations in venues and at weddings and functions, and loves to do so!

Alex now also has his own Foundation, The Alex McNeice Foundation, which runs its own projects in the community.  Alex uses this foundation to help people bring music into their lives in any way possible, teaching everyone how music can bring so much joy to your life, as well as a million other benefits.

As a speaker, Alex speaks of how music can change you, benefit you, and how a life in music has taught him so many things.  The lessons learned in music can help people in any walk of life.  Alex is also obsessed with finding lessons from song lyrics, and believes the lessons you can learn from a good lyric can be life changing.

As a songwriter, Alex writes in many genres, but is especially happy writing Musical Theatre (no surprise), and Country music.  Many of his songs draw from both of these genres to create his sound.

Alex also runs his own music studio where he works to create backing tracks and rehearsal tracks for choirs, and record demos of his own songs.

All in all, Alex lives and breathes music in far too many ways.  He is repeatedly told to find his niche, but simply gets too excited by it all and loves to be involved in music wherever he can!

THANK YOU FOR VISITING!  Have a wonderful day!