The Alex McNeice Foundation

The Alex McNeice Foundation (currently known as Silver Arch Studios Community Projects) is a Community Organisation set up to use music to bring as many positives advantages as possible to the world.

Music is known to bring so many wonderful benefits.  It helps with education, confidence, self esteem, bringing communities together, learning new skills, friendships, mental health, physical health, communication skills, and SO MUCH MORE.  The Alex McNeice Foundation works to use these wonderful benefits in the community to help as many people as possible.

Below you will find the projects we are running or have run, and how you can support the foundation if you so wanted and felt able to!

PROJECT - The Real Power Of Music

The Real Power Of Music

The Real Power Of Music is a series of workshops across primary schools.  Music is so amazingly powerful in so many ways.  The mission of The Real Power Of Music is not only to encourage everybody to bring music into their lives, but to help people understand how and why it can be used to bring it's many benefits.  Every workshop helps to spread the joy and bring the real power of music to life.  The workshops include:

Part 1 - A practical music session.  Getting involved in music brings joy to any group, and brings everyone together like few activities can.

Part 2 - We dive into The Real Power Of Music, how music can be used to help everyone with their mental health, their physical health, their education, their friendships, and their communication skills.

PROJECT - Back To Music

Back To Music

The ability to make music together stopped for far too long during the lockdown.  We never want to look back, so we aim to celebrate our ability to sing and play together again!  Back To Music celebrates this return.

A brand new song will be written, and then recorded by EVERY PRIMARY SCHOOL PUPIL in Folkestone where schools participate.  We are aiming for 3000 singers.  The sessions will go into schools, teach the song, and record it there and then.  The recording will then be made into a music video including pictures of the singers and the area around the schools, and released on YouTube.