Alex The Choir Director

Alex has been either in or directing choirs forever!  He is now involved with five choirs as either director of co-director, and would LOVE YOU TO JOIN ONE OR MORE OF THEM!!!  Find out a little more below!

The Melody Makers Collective

The Melody Makers Collective is a singing group for EVERYONE.  It runs on Thursday Mornings (Folkestone) and Thursday Afternoons (Dover). The idea is simple, we all love to sing so let's get together every week to do just that!  What could be better?  This group is for everyone, so whether you can read music or not, or even if you think you can not sing, still come along!  We sing music form all styles, and most of the songs are chosen by the singers, so come and tell me your favourite! New members always welcome!

FOLKESTONE - Thursdays - 10:30am-12:00pm - St Josephs Community Hall, Narrabeen Rd, Folkestone, CT19 4DF.  £5 per week.

DOVER - Thursdays - 1:00pm-2:30pm - St Mary's Parish Centre, Cannon Street, Dover, CT16 1BY.  £5 per week.

Shepway Choirs

The Shepway Choirs are a set of choirs that ANYONE can join.  We have a choir for you! These choirs are run with the charity MASC (Music and Arts for the Shepway Community)

SHEPWAY VOICES (Wednesday evenings - 7:30pm - 9:30pm - Folkestone Baptist Church, Hill Rd, CT19 6LY) - A FREE choir for Adults.  We sing in four part harmony, singing songs from all genre (musicals, pop, choral, anything!).  This group is so super fun, and we love performing and enjoying music together.  New members always welcome!

SHEPWAY YOUTH VOICES (Wednesdays - 6:00pm - 7:15pm - Wood Avenue Library, Wood Avenue, CT19 6HS).  A FREE choir for people of secondary school age!  Almost all songs are chosen by the singers and taught in three parts harmony.  Duncan Moris takes the lead of this group.  New members always welcome!

SHEPWAY PRIMARY SINGERS (Wednesdays - 4:30pm - 5:45pm - Wood Avenue Library, Wood Avenue, CT19 6HS).  A FREE choir for people of primary school age!  This group is super fun and we all love getting the younger singers excited by music and singing there hearts out! New members always welcome.


Alex The Speaker

Alex loves being invited to speak.  As a keynote speaker he speaks on many topics revolving around a life in the music industry, and the lessons for everyone that you can learn from it.  Below are Alex's two most popular talks.  If you want to book Alex to speak at  your event, please get in touch!  All speeches can be adapted for any time length, and any event!


Life Lessons From Music - A life in music has taught Alex many things.  In this Keynote Speech he takes you through his life lessons from music, and how these can help you in your life, whatever it is you do!

The Take-Away - Whatever you do, there are things you can put in place to be super successful.  Lessons from practice, putting a team together, enjoying what you do, 


Go Go Go -The five lessons from Alex's life in the music industry in this programme will take you from being unsure how to make your impact in this world to being totally and completely ready to be so very you and hit the world with all you have to give.

The Take-Away -You will learn the big five rules of how to have your impact in the world. Find out how to be you (and not be someone else!) whilst loving what you do, bringing your team along for the ride, and never standing still! Let's make it happen! Let's GO GO GO!


Alex The Presenter / Compere

Alex regularly hosts or comperes events from Weddings, Charity Events, Food Festivals, Music Festivals, and many other events!  If you would like Alex to come and host your event, please get in touch!


Alex The Music Producer

Alex runs a his music studio called Silver Arch Studios.

Silver Arch Studios has three main strands:

A - Creating rehearsal tracks for choirs.

B - Creating demos for songwriters.

C - To use as a home for songwriters to write and create.

If you want to write, have a song needing a demo, or have a choir that needs rehearsal tracks, then get in touch!